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Orthodox Family Woodcarving Workshop Archangel - carved pectoral crosses, bishop crosses, wooden carved icon

Welcome to Orthodox Family Woodcarving Workshop Archangel - carved pectoral crosses, bishop crosses, wooden carved icon

     Our orthodox store specialized in designing and selling unique goods. The experience gained during the work, allows us to offer church utensils as in the final version as also under the order.
     Believers Orthodox people for centuries have cherish the traditions that live up to the present day. More than 2000 years of Christianity gave us shrines, God temples, churches and monasteries. Chroniclers, monks in monasteries detail recorded history for their descendants during long years . Faith still these days strengthens the foundations of the family, promotes education and renewal of the soul and the heart.
The Christian religion is always in close contact with various church utensils, which plays a very important role. They have the effect of grace for the souls and hearts of believers. In the glorification and ascension church utensils always serve a faithful companion and assistant. The value of church utensils for the Orthodox Church has always spiritual, that is why all of these characters are more valuable than any treasure.
In our online store church utensils made of various materials, as well we manufacture products under the order. There are a wide variety of crosses, which are the main symbol of the Orthodox faith. We offer pectoral crosses, carved croses, altar crosses, crosses for monks.
     Church wood carvings covers one more important area, it is icons. Today it is a real work of art, which are carved with an accuracy of jeweler by master. Highly prized carved iconostasis and kiots. All of this - an integral part of modern images of Orthodox churches.
We use modern technology at work, however, joiner's works are made according to time-tested methods of classical church woodcarving. This allows to produce items that will serve a long time and can be restored in the future. Production technology of church utensils involves the use woodcarving.
Acquired church affiliation symbolize spiritual salvation, therefore will be an important part of life for every believer. Icons long played the role of a reliable talisman that can give strength in particularly important moments of life. Not always you can find time to come to the store with church utensils , therefore we made a special online store for our customers . This makes it possible to fill a need in the Orthodox goods from a reliable manufacturer.