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Home Iconostasis

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"Home Iconostasis" Baroque Style

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"Home Iconostasis" Renaissance Style
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From Our Customers


We received the product and we are amazed at how beautiful it is. The workmanship is amazing and so intricate and better than we could have anticipated. Oleksandr’s customer service was amazing and responded to all our queries. It was an absolute pleasure.

Michael Liu

I couldn't be happier with my purchase of this beautiful reliquary box. It is perfectly made of top quality wood and exceeded my expectations. I have purchased many beautiful things from this shop and highly recommend the seller.

Seraphima Cyranek
United States

Another wonderful work of art produced by Workshop-Archangel. The craftmanship is outstanding. I would say to anyone looking for great quality wood carved Icons, you will be pleased if you decide to purchase one of these Orthodox Icons.

Peter Livanis
United States

The quality of this cross is unbelievable! It looks fantastic in the pictures but actually in the flesh It is so much more! The detailed workmanship of the carving is exquisitely done and every minute detail is sharp and crisp. The cross was perfectly packaged and the delivery. I would happily recommend another purchase to anyone.

Swagman Andy

Your package arrived, filled with beautiful treasures! Thank you, thank you for your generosity! The Home Iconostasis is exquisite, so wonderfully made. All packed with care and thoughtfulness. May God bless you for your work for Him!

Shirley Sullivan

St Archangel Michael

They pray to him at the entrance to a new house and at the consecration of the house, asking for salvation from thieves and natural disasters, epidemics and pestilence


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