Personal Warranty

Dear friends, my name Alexsandr. I'm a second-generation woodcarver. In 1992, my father, an artist, started carving wood. A lot of time has passed since then. For a quarter of a century, my workshop has accumulated a lot of experience, in which every nuance of craftsmanship was honed to the smallest detail. The number of tried-and-tested options for each action is hundreds, and the finished works have already exceeded ten thousand.

The experience gained and knowledge obliges me to take a personal guarantee for my work. Every product that we ship is undergoing a thorough check. I personally guarantee the high quality of the work of my workshop.

Nevertheless, experience suggests that everything in this world is not eternal, and all people tend to make mistakes, we are no exception. Our difference is that we are responsible for our work. Our main goal is to help people to go their way to God. I piously believe that our works help you to overcome this path. But each way is connected with difficulties. Our works are made of natural wood. We always carefully select the material, check the moisture, the geometry of the sawing. But wood material is "alive" and it is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy its behavior. Therefore, if there has been any trouble with the icon, cross, or other product, feel free to contact us. We together with you will understand the reasons and eliminate the consequences. During a year from the purchase, we will do it at our expense.


Sincerely yours, Alexander