Religious Triptych

Russian Triptych (Iconostasis)

House of any Orthodox Christian person has a special place for prayer. With the help of the icons believers appeal to heavenly intercessors, they are kind of mediators. Icons that you have at home can be arranged in the form of a church iconostasis. Buy Iconostasis for home is not difficult. You should abide by the rules of its location. The availability of the icon of Our Lady is compulsory, it must be on the left of the icon of the Lord Jesus Christ. These two icons are the main, so they should be placed at the center of the iconostasis. Above them can be placed only an icon of the Crucifixion or the Trinity. However, the rest of the icons can be placed or hung in any order.
Home iconostasis can be set as a single line or make it in two or three tiers, depending on the number of icons. You can simplify all the actions to a minimum and to place all on one board. Some people prefer to buy a special kiots for icons, which can be wall mounted and floor. They can be beautifully decorated with basma, as is customary to do in a lot of church iconostasis. Besides the icons of Mother of God and the Savior's is good to have the icons of miracle workers, in honor of who are named members of your family. These images treated with special trepidation in families of believers. The iconostasis can be bought with different faces of the saints. If possible, can be supplemented by a "red corner" with images of the Evangelists, an icon of the Archangel Gabriel and the Heavenly Host Leader Michael the Archangel. However, it is important to remember that when buying a ready russian triptych, it may not be fully displaying the individual generation family history of Orthodox Christians.