Reliquary box

Wood Carved Reliquary Box

Christian believers are very cherish their relics. It can be objects or relics that belong to the lives of the saints or attributes associated with historical events. They are related to the objects of worship of varying degrees of importance, which are consecrated in the church. Most of these items are closely linked to Christ, thus at all times of the Orthodox history they are deeply respected and honored.
Among Orthodox symbols you can find various objects such as crosses, small chest, reliquary, encolpion and others. Reliquary box for the relics originates with the Byzantine era. They are made of brass, wood, sometimes of silver or gold. You can buy reliquary in various forms and materials.
Reliquary is a special kind of Orthodox relics. It is a small box in which using wax mastic fix relics.
The relics of the (Greek. Ta leipsana from leipo - leaving) is the remains of the saints in the Orthodox religion. However, the word has a broader concept. The relics is not only physical remains, but also clothes, personal items that came into a contact with a saint during his lifetime.
Reliquaries are in every Orthodox church. There are reliquary-bibs, which are designed to wear the saint particle with you. These days it is often practiced. Believers also carry important to them relics in their palms. Also, as the container for relics are the bivalve crosses which are decorated with holy icons. In the old Orthodox beliefs said that they unite the power of the holy things. Therefore, the crosses are not only protect human, but they can also heal people with the power of God. In such cases, reliquary crosses, usually worn as a sign of an Orthodox baptism.
Bow before the holy relics means to revere shrines of Orthodoxy. Everyone who does it will find the grace. There are a lot of the relics are in the temples which have open access to everyone. But there are those who do not have time to visit such places. That is why a particle of the relics carefully placed in the reliquary, and then transported to different churches in the country. Thus, everyone Christian can receive gracious help from God through holy ascetics.
Our workshop offers to buy reliquary box, the price of which will depend on the wishes of the customer. We can make a carved reliquary of different size and design.

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