Priest pectoral cross award #11

Priest pectoral cross award #11

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Priest Pectoral cross award.

Carved Wooden Crucifix#11



The full size of the cross with crown and pendant:

HEIGHT: 7.00"/180 mm, 

WIDTH:  3.00"/75 mm,

THICKNESS: 0.40"/10 mm 

The size of the chain

47'' (1200 mm.) 




Teak oil 


The color of the cross may be slightly different from the pictures.

The color can be from light yellow to light brown

If f you want to buy cross a certain shade, write about it in the comments when you make an order.

We will try our best to ensure you get exactly what you want



In addition to the cross you will receive a free bag of natural 100% cotton

It is very convenient for storage of the cross, and will come in handy for traveling

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Priest pectoral cross award #11

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