Wooden Crosses

It is considered that the tree is able to bring  positive energy into the house. Wood products emit heat, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. Therefore, yet since ancient times always valued wooden sculptures and woodcarving in life people. A special place in this niche is occupied church craft thread. A special place in this niche is occupied by church craft thread. It is an independent separate species of woodcarving art is represented by a variety of products. Among them - wood and carved crosses , the most skillful icons, iconostasis and kiot. All of them are designed to develop a people's taste  to learn to see the beauty, while they are bringing light and spirituality.

Religious carved items can also be used to decorate temple's doors, altars, or cupolas. For their manufacturing is used hardwood such as oak, walnut, pear, apple and size of carved webs may be a whole mural.

Wooden carved crosses and icons are demanding exceptional skill and subtlety of the master. Icons are considered to be masterpieces. In addition to the amazing beauty, they are unique because these icons can be seen even by blind people.

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